Spherical Roller Bearings

d = Inner ring dimension
D = Outer ring dimension
B= Bearing width


Spherical Roller Bearings with Ceramic Rolling Elements: Unveiling Superior Resilience and Performance

Spherical roller bearings, equipped with spherical-shaped rollers, stand as pivotal components in various mechanical applications, showcasing remarkable versatility in accommodating both radial and axial loads. The inclusion of ceramic rolling elements, such as silicon nitride, further enhances their durability and performance, making them resilient in challenging operating conditions.

The unique design of spherical roller bearings allows for misalignment compensation and accommodates shaft deflections, making them well-suited for applications where alignment issues may arise. The incorporation of ceramic rolling elements not only fortifies the bearings against wear and corrosion but also contributes to smoother rotation, reduced friction, and enhanced resistance to extreme temperatures.

This exploration will delve into the distinctive features and benefits of spherical roller bearings with ceramic rollers, emphasizing how their robust construction elevates performance and reliability across a spectrum of industrial applications.


CeramicSpeed Xtreme bearings are not optimized against one specific industry but offer an overall more robust solution to several industries. The benefits of combining high-quality steel rings with ceramic balls allow for:

  • Higher rotational speeds
  • Reduced lubrication or even dry running
  • Longer service life in oscillating or start-stop applications
  • Longer service life in contaminated environments
  • Longer service life under extreme temperatures
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