Pulp & Paper Machinery Industry

Enhance Performance and Output on Your Paper Line With Hybrid Bearings

Research based on the analysis of 1,000 bearings shows that 99.6 % of CeramicSpeed Bearings last at least 4 times longer than standard bearings.

In 50 % of the cases the bearing life was between 8 and 20 times longer than the bearing they replaced - even under the influence of sever particle contamination. In 30 % of these cases, it is expected that the ball bearings will never need to be replaced for the entire service life of the machine.

Tests show that ceramic balls are superior to steel balls in all physical measurable properties. This ensures many benefits in the bearing: The increased hardness of the ball means that the contact area between the ball and the track is reduced, which leads to lower friction, higher potential speeds and less energy wasted. The hardness and extremely smooth surface also means that the balls are far more durable than steel ball

Why choose CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearings?

  • Reduces down time and operating cost significantly
  • Ceramic balls are more than twice as hard compared to steel – they will crush almost any contamination!
  • We offer a no Risk Guarantee.