Customer Testing

Case Study

Meyn Testing with CeramicSpeed Bearings

HKScan in Vinderup, Denmark, is a leading Nordic food company with over a hundred years of experience in responsible meat production, and high-class raw materials processing.


HK Scan wishs to prolong the service intervals on its Meyn Rapid de-boner machine. They normally plan the steel bearings’ service every second year which increases cost both in terms of production loss and direct maintenance.


CeramicSpeed Xtreme Hybrid Ball Bearing series are bearings designed for applications in contaminated environments, where particles would potentially penetrate the bearing and and affect the bearing’s performance. Characterised by unmatched hardness, the ceramic balls tolerate a high degree of contamination, crushing the particles that penetrate into the bearing races.


We installed CeramicSpeed Xtrem Bearings in the main bearing positions of the carousel in December 2016 and in July 2017. These are still running without any problems - now in their 3rd operational year

Hybrid Bearings

  • Utilizing the advantage of modern ceramic materials
  • Reduced friction and wear in interaction during the ball’s and raceway’s interaction.
  • Less sensitive to contamination and to mixed friction lubrication conditions
  • Generally, 4 to 8 times longer bearing life, compared to standard bearings in the same application.