Insulate 030 6206-2RZ/CSB.C4 PEEK SPGQ3

d (Bore diameter) mm
D (Outside diameter) mm
B (Width) mm
Chromium Steel (SAE 52100)
Radial Clearance
Limiting Speed (rpm)
Net weight
External ID
Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The obvious choice for modern electrical motors

CeramicSpeed's custom-made Insulate ball bearings are specifically crafted for electrical motors, providing assurance against potential damage from stray currents. The ceramic balls featured in the CeramicSpeed Insulate series are non-conductive and possess an impressive insulating capability of 15 kV per mm, surpassing that of atmospheric air.

Our Insulate series is available in various configurations. If you don't find the perfect match for your needs, please reach out to us, and we will work with you to identify the ideal solution.

Ceramic Speed Insulate

The obvious choice for modern electrical motors.

CeramicSpeed Insulate ball bearings are custom made for electrical motors and your guarantee against damage caused by stray currents. The ceramic balls used for CeramicSpeed Insulate series are non-conductive and have an insulating ability for 15 kV per mm - higher than that of atmospheric air.

Advantages of CeramicSpeed Insulate

  • Lower energy consumption
  • 4-8 times longer lifetime
  • your guarantee against bearing current
  • Fast ROI
  • Lower operating temperature - 10-20 degress lower than steel bearings
  • Higher RPM - up to 50% higher than steel bearings

CeramicSpeed SlipCoat

We have received the question more than once – and in recent times more and more often: Can you make a bearing run without lubrication? So far, our answer has been the same “All bearings can run without lubricant - but not for very long time”.

The underlying demand has however triggered our imagination. How to provide a solutionfor applications where ANY tiny drop of oil could ruin products, processes, or sensitiveenvironments?

So, when one of our good customers gave us the exact challenge of making a “lubricationfree” bearing where no dripping or splatter of lubricant was acceptable and with a runtime of more than 3.000 hours of operation, we gave the challenge to our in-housespecialists. It took them 3 iterations to achieve a solution capable of meeting the specifiedtarget.

Customized Bearing Solutions for Your Electrical Motors