4-8 times Longer Bearing Life

In production equipment, it's quite often the bearings that fail - sometimes with foreseeable intervals, sometimes when you really don't need it. 

You can prevent this by installing a CeramicSpeed Bearing solution next time. But why should you choose hybrid bearings? CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearings are optimized to give the very best performance in their specific operating environment, improving performance, quality, and consistency in production.

In production equipment, regular service intervals are required to prevent equipment failures. The bearings must be checked and regreased, if necessary, but sometimes they fail anyway from wear or periods with less-than-optimal lubrication conditions. 

Longer-lasting Components

Labor and other costs associated with replacing worn-out bearings often exceed the price of the actual bearing several times over. Especially when considering the lost production due to the service or repair stop. Multiply these costs 4-8 times, and you can calculate the potential for optimizing your production by replacing traditional bearings with CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearings.

The actual cost is a fraction of the gains that come from increasing service intervals.

Disassembly and reassembly of machines, run-in, recalibrations, and startup procedures are a part of every service stop and since the bearings sit at the center of motion in machines, they become the target of these stops. So, you have to imagine the possibilities for increasing the output of the systems by adding longer-lasting components at the key points of motion inside your machine.