Pharma and Chemical

Bearings with lubricants approved for pharmaceutical and chemical production

Only a few industrial environments can match the diverse, difficult, and challenging operating conditions found in the pharmaceutical industry. There are many similarities between the Pharmaceutical and other production industries like the food and beverage industry for example. The variety of different application conditions varies from, high to low speed, highly aggressive surrounding medium or cleaning operations, very low and very high-temperature conditions, and severe contamination possibilities. That sets a high demand for the used materials for the bearing itself but also for the used lubricant and the seal material. Certification from the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) is a must-have. 

FDA and EN1935 approved

We at CeramicSpeed have a high-quality standard, not one hybrid bearing is leaving our production without having been finally checked by the highly skilled and motivated workers to provide the best quality.

As all hybrid bearings are hand built, we offer high flexibility on the setup of the bearing, different materials for rings, cages, seals, and lubrications are available to match exactly your demand. All materials are FDA and EN1935-approved. Our R&D department is always on the search to provide you with solutions like our SLT solid lubrication or our Slipcoat solution which gives you the safety of a well-lubricated bearing and the guarantee of lubrication-free bearing to avoid grease contamination of your product.

The CeramicSpeed hybrid bearings do bring some unique benefits to these challenging and demanding environments. The bearings are greased for life and do not need to be relubricated and as the ceramic balls have a four times lower surface roughness the bearing will be running up to 17°C cooler compared to all-steel bearings and that can extend the lifetime of the lubricant significantly and increase the lifetime of your machine and reduce maintenance.

The two times harder balls will also show a much higher resistance to contamination/particles as those will be crushed.  The combination of steel and ceramic brings the unique advantage of avoiding the risk of smearing. For a dry contact situation, the friction coefficient between steel and silicon nitride (Si3N4) is lower than for steel to steel and micro-welding does not occur. Therefore hybrid bearings generate much lower friction even with a very thin film of lubrication.

All in all, Hybrid ball bearings are proven to last 4 to 8 times longer than steel bearings – in some cases even longer. Hybrid Ball Bearings eliminate frequent replacements, production stops, or unforeseen breakdowns due to bearing failure and they will cause a noticeable reduction in your company's MRO spending.

Customer Case

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without any problems

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CeramicSpeed SLT

At CeramicSpeed we do not accept ultra-short bearing life, even under the most severe conditions. One of the solutions we bring to bearing failure is our in-house developed CeramicSpeed SLT.

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