About Us

Our story began in 1998, when Jacob Csizmadia broke a world record by inline skating 505 kilometers in 24 hours, using skates equipped with ceramic ball bearings. Two years later, he introduced ceramic bearings to professional cycling at the Tour de France. After this success, CeramicSpeed was founded and started producing hybrid bearings in Holstebro, Denmark.
After years of scrupulous development and testing, CeramicSpeed bearings are second to none. Hand-built in Denmark with superior craftsmanship, our bearings provide customers with unmatched performance and bearing life resulting in lower operating costs, improved production uptime, and increased competitiveness. From small electrical equipment to offshore wind turbines, we have revolutionized efficiency on an industrial scale, providing technological advantages for a diverse range of applications. We work with global manufacturing companies across an array of sectors to achieve operational savings that allow them to remain competitive and continue to grow.

In 2014, CeramicSpeed received an FDA certification with approval for direct contact with food products and in 2021 we became ISO 9001 certified.

Today, people are the heart and soul of our company. Operations are still based at our headquarters in Holstebro, where the team continues to assemble every single bearing by hand. While the company keeps growing in all corners of the world, our culture and values remain rooted in our history. A winning mentality is how it all started, and it’s this guiding principle that continues to drive us forward.