Quality Policy

It is the Managements responsibility to ensure CeramicSpeed has measurable quality objectives and policies relevant to current business conditions. This is among other things to ensure increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction which shall ensure the future viability of CeramicSpeed.

"CeramicSpeed maintains a quality system certified according to ISO" 9001: 2015

It is important to CeramicSpeed that our stakeholders experience that we as a company always live our values:

Integrity, Innovation, Quality, and Winning Mentality

These values are to ensure that our customers experience the full benefit from our products, our vendors consider us as a valuable partner, and we live up to our commitment to society.

We strive for continuous development of our company with a focus on safety, flexibility, and well-being, in order to maintain motivated and engaged employees.

Based on the customers' requirements and expectations CeramicSpeed wants a quality management system that ensures the following ever-valid quality objectives:

  • Delivery Precision
  • Product quality (expressed as warranty costs)
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee well-being (questionnaire)
  • Sick days
  • Work accidents

Our products are assembled by hand in our production facility in Denmark and every single bearing is individually checked throughout the assembly process.

We take pride in the quality of our bearings - both in the components used as well as in the craftsmanship involved in their production and assembly. Our products are assembled by hand in our production facility in Denmark. Every single bearing is individually checked throughout the assembly process.

Quality instructions are available at all workstations and only trained senior personnel will finish any product off with the final inspection. 

Material Lab

To ensure the highest quality level possible we have our own material lab with the latest state-of-the-art tools to analyze both steel and ceramic material down to the smallest detail.

In our material lab, we are able to quickly sample extremely hard ceramic materials and test critical specifications like hardness and toughness in a matter of minutes as well as identify and quantify subsurface material defects on a microscopic level - making it possible for us always to staying at the forefront of both quality and cost -  all to the benefit of our customers.