Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Radial Loads

The angular contact ball bearing or ACBB is a special type of ball bearing that can handle radial loads (in both directions) and axial loads (in one direction) at the same time. The inner and outer rings are dispositioned relative to each other so that the contact point between the ball and raceway does not fall on the vertical centerline of the bearing. Depending on the contact angle the allowed axial load can be higher or lower. Depending on the series and type of the ACBB the contact angles can be 15°, 25°, 30°, and 40°, where the larger contact angle offers higher axial load support and the lower contact angle can perform at higher speeds.

These bearings are used mainly in pairs since an axial force is generated when a radial load is applied to the bearing. Therefore, ACBB are available as single or double rows and matched pairs. The so-called O-arrangement (face to face) and X-arrangement (back to back) can support axial forces in both directions but offer a different behavior against tilting moments and reaction on bearing clearance by temperature influence. To support even higher axial loads a tandem (T) arrangement or TO and TX arrangement can be used.        

These bearings are available with several different cage materials like pressed steel, polymer, or machined brass and in different tolerance classes. They are used in different applications like pumps and compressors, spindles, e-motors, packaging machines, drilling machines, and wheel bearings. 

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