Large Size Bearings

Large size bearings with the highest quality ceramic balls in all sizes. Same durability and high performance, no matter the size.

Why ceramic balls?

Innovations in material science are changing a lot of industries these years. Ceramic materials are proving stronger and much more durable than e.g. steel. Ceramic balls can be found in a variety of materials. The best material available - and the one used for our bearings no matter the size - is silicon nitride (Si3N4)

Ceramic balls are superior to steel balls in all physical measurable properties. This ensures many benefits in the bearing: The increased hardness of the ball means that the contact area between the ball and the track is reduced, which leads to lower friction, higher potential speeds and less energy wasted. The hardness and extremely smooth surface also means that the balls are far more durable than steel balls.

Download the PDF and get an overview over all our large size bearings.