CeramicSpeed Corrotec

FDA-approved bearings for the food industry

Production equipment requires food-grade certification, and any breakdown will cause costly production stops. CeramicSpeed Corrotec Ball Bearings are FDA approved and manufactured using stainless steel rings with ceramic balls and lubricants approved for use in the food industry.

CeramicSpeed Corrotec

Hybrid ball bearings are the future in food production equipment. They outlast and outperform common bearing types and have a bearing life of 4 to 8 times longer than steel bearings.

Reduced MRO costs

Production stops cost money. Lots of it. Planned or unplanned, servicing of your production equipment disrupts your production flow and impacts your competitive power negatively. 

In food production, it is most often the bearings that fail and need replacing, which can be a costly operation. With hybrid bearings, the frequency of planned maintenance stops drop dramatically from months to years, making it possible for you to optimize your production facility and to increase your competitiveness.

No-risk guarantee

CeramicSpeed guarantees that the investment in hybrid bearings will pay off. If the extra cost on hybrid bearings is not returned during the actual bearing life, we will supply new bearings free of charge.

Why choose hybrid bearings?

  • Extremely long bearing life
  • Super-fast ROI - measured in months, not years
  • FDA-approved
  • Tolerant to temperature extremes
  • Make planning of replacement work much more accurate.
  • Manufactured using stainless steel rings