Bearings That Last


Increase the performance and durability of your production equipment

Who would have thought, that the small bearings in a roller skate could change the way we look at efficiency on an industrial scale?

From small electrical equipment to offshore wind turbines, we have revolutionised efficiency on an industrial scale, providing technological advantages for a diverse range of applications. We work with global manufacturing companies across an array of sectors to achieve operational savings that allow them to remain competitive and continue to grow. In 2014, CeramicSpeed received an FDA certification with approval for direct contact with food products and in 2021 we became ISO 9001 certified

CeramicSpeed Balls

Ceramic balls can be found in a variety of materials. The best material available - and the one used for our bearings - is silicon nitride (Si3N4).

Silicon nitride balls are less dense and much lighter (58 %) than steel balls. This
means that the energy requirements for running the machinery will drop - but the main advantage of the low weight is found in a longer bearing life.