Wind Turbine

Case Study

10 times longer bearing life for one of Denmark’s top turbine manufacturers!

Weekly costs have been cut down and the personal safety of the operators has increased, just by replacing conventional steel bearings with CeramicSpeed ones.


One of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in Denmark uses hand held sanders in its production. Due to the hard load of particle contamination including fiberglass dust, it was necessary to provide service to the machines on a weekly basis in order to replace the bearings. Failing bearings also caused an increase in the vibration, which compromised the health and safety of the operators (Reynaud’s Syndrome).


CeramicSpeed Xtreme is designed for extreme conditions. The ceramic balls in our bearings are unaffected by dust, grit, metal filings or tiny mineral fragments, which therefore makes them the best choice for applications like the hand-held sanders.


This customer has experienced significant savings on bearing related maintenance costs. They are now replacing them every 10-12 weeks and not every week like they used to. Along with this, the safety levels of the operators have also increased significantly.

Technical Highlights

  • Suitable for heavily contaminated production environment.
  • Rotation speed: 10.000 RPM
  • Bearing temperature: 50-70ºC
  • Lubrication with mineral base oil viscosity