Mast Roller

Case Study

7-12 times longer bearing life in very harsh environments

Mast rollers in trucks often operate in very harsh environments. The large wear and the fast decay of the bearing often occur with insufficient lubrication due to low rpm, frequent start/stops, rotation both ways and shocks.


The mast bearings in Scan-hide trucks only lasted for 10-12 weeks before they needed to be changed and the frequent repairs only contributed to high cost and poor availability of the trucks.


CeramicSpeed Xtreme bearings are designed for extreme conditions. They are unaffected by dust, grit, metal filings or tiny mineral fragments, which makes them the best choice for applications like fork-lift trucks.


CeramicSpeed bearings have lasted 7-12 times longer than standard bearings and the customer has saved more than 13.000 € - not to mention the savings on downtime and production costs.

Technical Highlights

  • Suitable for contaminated and harsh environment 
  • Start/stop function
  • Rotations speed: low