Bergmann Audio

Case Study

When only the best is good enough!

Bergmann Audio of Denmark has a passion for sound and is designing and manufacturing top quality turntables to satisfy the most demanding HiFi fans around the globe.

Reading the HiFi community reviews of Bergmann Audio products, you’ll meet descriptions like “clean Danish design”, “air bearing” and “linear tonearms”. This is really high tech meeting perfection and with one single purpose only: portraying the instrument in a lively and vivacious manner – the perfect representation of live music! 

To perfectly isolate the 39 kg. of delicate HiFi hardware from the surroundings, the body of the turntable itself is resting on a system of CeramicSpeed silicon nitride balls. With this quality of ceramics representing an E-modulus 50% higher than that of hardened steel, the clever design of Bergmann Audio secures that no vibrations from the surroundings disturb the delicate contact between the vinyl record and pickup. And visa versa: All vibrations generated by the sound waves delicately cut into the vinyl record, are efficiently transmitted to the amplifier for the joy of any passioned listener. 

A great combination of knowledge from two innovative Danish companies, meeting in beauty and perfection!

Technical Highlights

  • Ceramic balls deflect the vibration
  • E-modulus 50% higher than that of hardened steel