When Only the Cleanest Is Good Enough

CeramicSpeed SlipCoat

CeramicSpeed SlipCoat - When Only the Cleanest Is Good Enough

We have received the question more than once – and in recent times more and more often: Can you make a bearing run without lubrication? So far, our answer has been the same “All bearings can run without lubricant - but not for very long time”. 

The underlying demand has however triggered our imagination. How to provide a solution for applications where ANY tiny drop of oil could ruin products, processes, or sensitive environments? 

So, when one of our good customers gave us the exact challenge of making a “lubrication free” bearing where no dripping or splatter of lubricant was acceptable and with a run time of more than 3.000 hours of operation, we gave the challenge to our in-house specialists. It took them 3 iterations to achieve a solution capable of meeting the specified target.

Solution tested:

Ball bearing size 6202 
Stainless steel rings (AISI440C) 
Silicon Nitride rolling elements 
CeramicSpeed SlipCoat treatment


As the coating remains soft it creates some friction in the bearing. Hence the solution is not recommendable where low friction / high speed is a key performance focus.

CeramicSpeed SlipCoat is available in any ball bearing configuration with short lead time!

Technical Highlights

  • Coating material is FDA and EN/1935 compatible
  • Functional in temperatures from -20 until 260 C
  • Extremely chemically inert
  • Transparent / colorless