CeramicSpeed SLT

Data Sheet

CeramicSpeed SLT - The Best Weapon Against Bearing Failure

At CeramicSpeed we do not accept ultra-short bearing life, even under the most sever conditions. One of the solutions we bring to bearing failure is our inhouse developed CeramicSpeed SLT.

CeramicSpeed SLT is a polymer matrix saturated with lubrication oil. The matrix retains oil on the functional surfaces of the bearing under even the most harsh conditions, while at the same time preventing moist and foreign particles from entering the bearing. 

CeramicSpeed SLT is food-grade approved and can be combined with most sealed bearing types. In combination with stainless rings and our high-grade ceramic balls, it ends up being an extremely durable and maintenance-free solution for demanding applications in many industries.

Downloading our PDF, you can see the technical specifications.

Focus Application:

  • Environments with sever particle contamination.
  • Applications in moist surroundings - even under splash water influence.
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical or other applications, where no liquid lubricant can be allowed.